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About Des Moines MMJ Card Doctor

The top medicinal marijuana physicians in Iowa—we think we have them!
All patients who seek out should be able to access a pro-cannabis atmosphere, according to our 420 physicians! For this reason, we’ve integrated technology with our medical expertise to offer online consultations through telemedicine platforms.

Following a consultation, each of our doctors has received state certification to assess your illness and prescribe medicinal marijuana. The physicians are trying to streamline the entire procedure since they recognize your agony.

Our top priorities are your comfort and safety, and we make sure that neither is ever compromised. We guarantee that the assessment procedure won’t keep you waiting; it’s simple and quick.

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Mission & Vision

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Increased Access to All

We’re on a mission to reach even the remotest part of the state and help patients relieve their chronic conditions with medical cannabis. With an online platform, the restraints of distance and time can no longer limit us.

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Making it Mainstream

Cannabis, today, slowly becoming mainstream, is now recognized as an alternative treatment. We envision a state of affairs where this treatment will be available to every patient who can benefit from its assistance.

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A Clinic You Can Trust

We are here for you 24/7 because we cherish each and every patient and we recognize your suffering. You may obtain a medical marijuana recommendation using our online virtual consultation services without having to go outside of your comfort zone.

We are working hard to secure each patient’s confidential consultation and medical history while streamlining the procedure for them. We’re doing everything we can to protect your privacy, including using a HIPAA-compliant platform and employing a highly ethical staff.